System Integrator Tool

For a system integrator nomos provides the full scope of any high-end automation solution and seamless integration of hard- and software. The nomos software offers full flexibility including but not limited to Lighting, Heating / Aircon (HVAC), Energy Management, Security / CCTV, AV Distribution and Entertainment etc..‏

Register for SDK
Product B_full wide directly under the Dot-Line

  • Fully functional Wizard for smaller Projects
  • open nomos Project Folder and HTML5 Server to host your GUI
  • Command Fusion iViewer compatible
  • Device library and editor to create your own HEX, ASCII, HTTPS, etc Command Server
  • Step by step documentation
  • Integrator Forum community
  • various GUI templates
  • available for Raspberry Pi Model B+, PC Engines alix3d2 or Apple Computer

nomos License Availability:
  • nomos IoT license XL
Use Case Examples:
  • From a small apartment to a complex luxury mansion
  • As a gateway, to bring Sonos or iTunes to KNX or Z-Wave for example
  • expand your existing project with control over additional software or use social networks for status information
  • easily deploy a system with the Wizard and apply customization afterwords since nomos provides you with an open project folder to edit all parameters
  • Device library for network, serial or IR controlled equipment
  • multiple discovery services to find Global Caché’s around you or uPnP, CEC, etc. devices in your network
  • convert your Command Fusion guiDesigner project to HTML5 and make it available on web browsers