Our Development Platform

Product B is our development platform that unlocks IoT and gives you the tools to build your own IoT/automation product. The nomos multi-protocol gateway speeds your development and helps you gain interoperability among your own devices as well as third-party devices.

To download the software images, updates and manuals as well as accessing our GitHub publications, please register for our SDK section

Product C_full wide directly under the Dot-Line

  • Script-, Logic-, Event-, Command- and Time Engine
  • Weight: 613KB
  • Scalable Cloud Infrastructure (Amazon Web Services)
  • Fully functional Wizard, Product A (June 2015) and GUI-App’s as open source template on GitHub
  • Device Library
  • Documentation
  • Available for Raspberry Pi Model B+, PC Engines alix3d2, Intel Galileo or request an proposal for your Hardware (sample PRD on GitHub:
  • Recommend skill level is a developer background (sample oem-developer-requirements on GitHub:
nomos License Availability:
  • nomos IoT license S, XL or individual
Use Case Examples:
  • Electric vehicle charging station intelligence, for locating, usage and bookings
  • Advertisement & usage data collection from TV consumption, power and water usage, favorite Spotify playlists by city district, etc.
  • Automated social media reporting with real-time data
  • Making devices compatible within your product families
  • bridging technologies, from proprietary to connect to 3rd party systems as: Lutron, KNX, Z-Wave, etc.
  • Translating all objects to a open usable and processable language
  • Architectural lighting products