Internet of Things ecosystem

Delivering the complete solution for automation above any device or protocol, from building automation over multimedia to strictly commercial applications.

Administrator Portal

Visualizing the System Health, monitoring the overall Life-Cycle Device Mgt, liberating your App Store publishing, providing Analytics, Log’s and Reports directly out of the cloud.

Controller & Gateway

nOS can be deployed on virtually all platforms, including low-power devices, or even embedded in a chipset. Handling all processing and connections independent from the Internet and expanding with the cloud when needed.

User Interface

The nOS App is the one place to control all the things around you instantly and setting up all your devices is insanely simple, in just three steps.

small, fast and open to connect 25 billion devices

With a modular approach to the adress interoperability and the capability to be efficiently used across various Industries nomos levels the playing field of diverse technologies. Giving businesses and consumers the full advantages of automation and IoT.

nOS Engine

The local brain to connect all devices, elevating them into one consistent protocol, handle logics and ensuring the uninterrupted execution of matching events.

nOS Infrastructure

The nomos message bus keeps everything in sync with lowest latency and allows modular accessibility locally, via could or through the nomos realtime API.

nOS Interface

On-demand interfaces for various multitenancy service applications are provided within nOS. Specially designed for the simplicity of users, the flexibility needs of Experts and overall support systems for Operators.

real life environment, the nomos Operating System connects worlds

nOS powers thousands of applications in automotive, hospitality, government, real estate and dozens of other industries. Select your industry to see how nOS helps developers in your field to build scalable connectivity.









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