nomos system AG is the perfect OEM Partner for companies striving to be the leader in IoT

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) process is based on the ability to drive down the costs of production through economies of scale. The nomos Operating System enables any company to offer an automation solution in concert with their current or future product range, or simply as their standalone automation product.

The versatility of nomos allows us to segment and customize the software specifically to your needs in the field of automation.

OEM for your Platform

one ecosystem


Connecting the World

The nOS (nomos Operating System) is made to adapt easily to new ‘standards’ and is extraordinarily light, weighing in with only 613 KB. Unlike the commonly available point-to-point control solutions, nomos is designed to elevate all software, web-services, building automation systems and multimedia components to just one communication level, delivering the full scope of a centralized controller, including logics, scripts and events.
In an OEM environment, the nOS can be deployed on virtually all platforms, including low-power devices, or even embedded in a chipset. A consumer-electronics manufacturer then gains the option of creating interoperability among his own products while also taking control over third-party applications.

Your hardware becomes the leader in automation

Your Hardware becomes the leader in Automation.

A typical proprietary Set-Top-Box with the nomos service inside would enable ALL classical integration topics to complete the basic needs of apartment residents. We know it’s not about finding a market, it‘s about finding the right combination for the user.

LINUX minimal recommendation: 256MB RAM, 500MHz Processor, functional Tool-Chain and fixed HW-Serial.

Meeting the Demand of the Rapidly Growing Automation Market

The nOS unlocks potential for a boundless array of real-world uses. It can also adapt to and learn any individual consumer’s behavior.
In a typical “morning routine” scenario, for example, the system knows the user’s personal wake-up preference, timed by wearable technology. It simply activates macros accordingly, switching the Philips HUE scene to ‘energize.’ Then the Sonos automatically initiates a playlist called “Morning Classic”, set at 37% volume level. The Nespresso machine starts brewing the coffee as the TV, also muted, of course, turns on CNN by default.
Detecting the last person to leave the house, the nomos system automatically shuts down appliances. In the car, nomos picks up the Spotify playlist, displays the status of the home in a real-time 3D map environment and shows you the way to the nearest electric-vehicle charging station. Upon leaving the office, nomos sends your ETA with a push-notification to family members or provides details on available parking at your desired destination. – Just one of the many versatile examples‏.

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