Who We Are

nomos system AG is a privately held Swiss company founded November 2010.

Our international development team based in Switzerland, Austria and Germany set out years ago to overcome the biggest obstacle in automation – interoperability.

Benefiting from profound knowledge of system integration and in-depth experience in software design, electrical engineering, physics and communication protocols we developed an automation software that finally makes interoperability possible.

nomos bridges the gap between hardware and software control and therefore reduces the costs of classic system integration by minimizing the need for energy consuming hardware.

Our vision is simple – make automation accessible and affordable for everyone.


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An IoT Solution for everyone

nomos helps your company become the next leader in IoT.

The nomos product portfolio is designed to give any company a quick and easy start into the IoT. Depending on a company’s specific needs, development status and use cases in the field of automation nomos provides you with either your own ready-to-market automation solution or expedites your development process.

A company already working on an IoT solution can accelerate it’s development process and get to market faster.

A consumer-electronics manufacturer working with nomos gains the option of creating interoperability among his own products while also taking control over third-party applications.

A real-estate developer can provide a full automation solution including brand identity for any development project.

For a system integrator nomos provides the full scope of any high-end automation solution and seamless integration of hardware and software.

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